What do businesses need to know about electric vehicles?

We are nine years away from 2030 – the year targeted by the UK government in their Road to Zero strategy. Nine years to make a difference to our carbon footprint and emissions. Nine years to embed change in our lifestyles. Nine years to invest in saving our planet.

This last year alone saw a shift  in how people engage with commuting and travel, and more of us are now looking at electric vehicles (EVs) as a viable and real option.

So, what can business owners do to support their employees? What are the first steps that you, as a business owner, need to take to invest in EVs, charging points and your corporate and social responsibility commitments.

It starts with finding out more about EVs, their environmental benefits through a reduction in petrol and diesel consumption and understanding more about the financial benefits that comes with an e-fleet of cars.

The environmental benefits

EVs are powered exclusively by electricity, removing the need for the carbon combustion engine and the release of toxic gases from petrol and diesel. Current research suggests that an EV could emit between 15% and 40% less CO2 over its lifetime than a comparable petrol car.

The alternative fuel source to fossil fuels is offered from less expensive power wells (like solar) and via the national grid – especially when supplied by green energy companies.

So many EVs are made using recyclable materials, especially on their interiors, like seats, trim panels and the dashboard. When the cars are dismantled the waste is reduced because of the eco-friendly creation. And parts of the car can be recycled again, like the battery!

By switching to EVs your business has the chance to become involved addressing environmental issues and setting environmental concerns at the core those of your business can be a key commitment of your corporate social responsibility.

Financial benefits

Essentially the core message is that EVs offer a reduction in the long term in transport costs for your business, especially for fleet vehicles with regular journeys of up to 100 miles per day. So, while the initial investment can seem a big commitment, the long-term gains do pay off.

If you are ready to switch your fleet or company car offerings to EVs, why not arrange a free site visit  from one of our expert technicians who can advise about chargepoints for your location.