Updated terms to the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) for 2022

To support the UK tourism industry the UK government has now detailed how small businesses can access the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). This includes SMEs, charities, B&Bs, small hotels, cafes, pubs and other areas of the hospitality and leisure sector. The September 2021 update to the initial announcement made in February 2021, is excellent timing as businesses can now factor this into their post-pandemic recovery plans for 2022. The information released could be helpful with any discussions with current and potential clients, development projects and employees.

The exciting changes will be delivered by a new digital platform for OZEV chargepoint grants. This platform is currently in development, but the government intend it to be ready for early 2022 to coincide with the new services launch.

Key highlights of the new Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS):

  • Expanding the WCS to provide more support for SME’s, small accommodation businesses (such as B&B’s and campsites), and charities
  • The site must have private parking associated with it
  • The applicant must be Companies House registered or VAT registered
  • They need to employ less than 250 people
  • £350 is available per socket towards the cost of a chargepoint, with a maximum of 40 grants available
  • There will be additional help for SMEs to provide their staff or fleet carparks with EV chargepoints with up to £15,000 available per building through a maximum of 5 grants
  • Owners of commercially let properties can apply for a WCS grant to install at their properties with up to £350 will be available per socket and a limit of 100 applications per year per applicant

For the full information relating to the updated terms of WCS please refer to the UK government document.

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