What is the OLEV/OZEV grant?

The UK government has set up a grant scheme which entitles you to money off specific low emission vehicles, electric vehicles (EVs) and money off electric charger point installation at home or work.

OLEV / OVEZ Approved Installer

It is recommended that you always confirm that your EV installer is accredited by OLEV/OZEV – and Go Car Charge is an OLEV/OZEV approved installer.

Approved OLEV / OZEV EV Points

To obtain the grant your charging point must be approved by OLEV/OZEV. Go Car Charge can advise you on which charging points to install.

Eligibility for OLEV / OZEV Grant

To be eligible for the grant the installer must have both accreditations (installer and charging point). If you are eligible then it is the installer that makes the claim for the £350 per point installed.