October EV news highlights

Britons could cut 8.7m tonnes of CO2 if they swap SUVs for EVs according to the Daily Mail.

Electric car chargers to be required by law in all new houses and office builds in England and perhaps by 2022 – from the Sunday Times.

Electric vehicle home chargers to switch off at peak times to avoid electricity blackouts – from the Sunday Times.

The classic cars being converted to electric vehicles. Historic cars are being retrofitted with recycled electric motors and batteries – from BBC News.

Engineers have created a brand new type of battery that could revolutionise the charging time and range of electric cars and other technologies reliant on lithium-ion batteries – from The Independent.

A new type of electric car battery that offers a 250 mile (400km) range from just 10 minutes charge could finally end range anxiety, according to the researchers who developed it – from The Independent.

With the ambitious target to eliminate polluting vehicles from roadways by 2035, The Independent looks at what must be considered when making our motors eco-friendly.

Work has started on an electric car battery “gigafactory” in Northumberland – from BBC News.