Home removal service

Are you planning to move house and don’t want to leave your chargepoint behind?

Step one

Step into the first stage of our home removal service for domestic EV chargepoints. 

We will expertly remove your chargepoint, ensuring a smooth transition that prioritizes the safety of your current home and sets the stage for the next occupants. 

Your chargepoint will then be ready to be installed at your new property (subject to standard installation) , adding a hassle-free touch to your recolation adventure.

Step two

The final step in our home removal journey comes the important second step – installing your chargepoint at your new property. 

If your new place lacks the necessary cable infrastructure, we’ll handle the installation seamlessly, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your EV needs. 

Alternatively, if the property already has exisiting cable, our task simplifies – we will position the chargepoint exactly where you want it and make the vital connections. 

Our goal? To streamline this process, making your transition to an EV-ready home effortlessly convenient. Moving house is a daunting task, but with our home removal service we can make it just that little bit easier for you and your family.

Domestic EV Chargepoints

Do you need an electric vehicle chargepoint at your home?