What back-office software solution is right for my business?

An EV charging back-office software enables operators to create and manage public and commercial electric vehicle charging station networks.

Most systems feature an easy to use platform whereby network operators can configure various chargepoint parameters remotely. Data is delivered in real time to the back-office dashboard so that operators have quick and easy access to details such as energy consumption, charge point availability and usage.

Static and dynamic load balancing

Many EV chargepoint installations for businesses require multiple charge points to be installed, but to use them all at once could require an increase to the capacity of the electrical installation.

EV charging load balancing offers a solution for powerful charging with a cost-efficient connection by balancing energy demand throughout the day, with a focus on reducing energy usage during peak demands.

EV charging load balancing can help:

  • Maximize charging site efficiency and customer satisfaction by ensuring that every individual charge point has the right amount of energy to supply each vehicle.
  • Meet customers’ basic expectations for EV charging and reduce energy costs.
  • Ensure that the vehicle will leave on time with enough energy and alert the driver if this cannot be achieved.
  • Apply charging rates in the workforce and visitors for additional revenue.

At Go Car Charge we would recommend Monta https://monta.com/uk/ or VendElectric https://www.rolecserv.com/chargepoint-management-system for Rolec chargepoints.